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The dance group VerTeDance has been active on the Czech dance scene since 2004. Its members are Veronika Kotlíková and Tereza Ondrová (winner of the Dancer of the Year 2010), dancers, choreographers, and teachers, and Pavel Kotlík, a light designer and technical director of the Ponec theatre.They have created the following projects: Through the Bottle Neck (2002), Circle II (2004), The Silent Talk-Unpredictable Course (2005), The Brave (2006), Forty-Three Sunsets (2007), a site-specific project entitled Tour du Café au Lait (2007), Beneath the Silence (2005, ch.: CobosMikaCompany), Dance of Canis Lupus (2009, ch.: Thomas Steyaert /BEL/), Jaja and Papus (2009), The Cases of Dr. Touret (2009, d.: Anna Polívková), Emigrantes (2010), Transforma (2010, ch.: Maya Lipsker /ISR/), Found & Lost (2011, ch.: Charlotta Öfverholm /SWE/), What Is The Weight Of Your Desire? (2011) and Simulante Bande (2012). VerTe's "home stage" is the Ponec theatre. The company has, however, presented its productions in Czech regional cities and towns as well as in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Hungary and others. VerTeDance is the only Czech dance group to be three times awarded by the most prestigious award in the field of contemporary dance: the Dance Piece of the Year award. They won it in 2005 for The Silent Talk-Unpredictable Course, in 2012 for What is the Weight of Your Desire? and in 2014 for CORRRECTION.