Toto je testovací zpráva

Guy Cools (BE)


The dramaturg as outside body, somatic witness and dialogue partner.

In his seminar, Flemish dramaturge and university professor Guy Cools will discuss the history of 20th century theatre and dance dramaturgy. How they have common roots, but also diverge. He will zoom in further on the particularities of dance dramaturgy as a somatic practice through witnessing and dialogue.

The seminar will take the form of a Q&A session in English (without simultaneous interpretation). The event is free of charge. Capacity is limited. We recommend reserving ahead of time at

You can buy the books In-Between Dance Cultures and Imaginative bodies written by Guy at the theater PONEC cash desk until the end of TANEC PRAHA 2017 festival. One book costs 500 CZK. 

Do konce festivalu si v pokladně divadla PONEC můžete zakoupit publikace "In-Between Dance Cultures“ a „Imaginative Bodies“. Cena jedné knihy je 500 Kč.


Dr. Guy Cools is a dance dramaturge. Recent positions include Associate Professor at the research institute Arts in Society in Tilburg, and Guest Professor at Ghent University. He has worked as a dance critic and curator and as a production dramaturge, with amongst others Koen Augustijnen (BE), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (BE), Danièle Desnoyers (CA), Lia Haraki (CY), Akram Khan (UK), Arno Schuitemaker (NL), and Stephanie Thiersch (DE). His most recent publications include The Ethics of Art: Ecological Turns in the Performing Arts (co-edited with Pascal Gielen) (2014), and In-between Dance Cultures: On the Migratory Artistic Identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan (2015). Cools lives in Vienna.