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The undo, redo and repeat project examines five dance positions of the 20th century.  How does dance history influence an artist? The project restores fragments of the legacies of several major personalities, their knowledge, experience and approaches to choreography. It captures the delicate essence of their distinctive heritage that can be found only in ever shifting memories.

Mary Wigman, Kurt Joss, Dora Hoyer, Pina Bausch and William Forsythe – fountains of endless inspiration and guidance. On screens we listen to the reflections of personalities who knew their work in depth, whether as dancers or assistants. All this is the inspiration of Christina and Anna for their own interpretation.



Christina Ciupke is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. Since 1999 she develops projects and specific situations in collaboration with artists from dance and other fields of art, as choreographer Nik Haffner, Mart Kangro, film maker Lucy Cash, visual artist Lars ø Ramberg, composer Boris Hauf and dramaturge Igor Dobričić. From 2003 to 2004 Christina Ciupke is guest artist at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karls-ruhe. In 2013

she receives her M.A. in Choreography from the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Her work („kannst du mich umdrehen“ 2011, „wait and see 2012 or „what moves moves“ 2013) tour nationally and internationalyl. At the moment she is working on the production „At Close Distance“, which will premiere in July at Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of the Festival Open Spaces.

Anna Till lives and works as a freelance choreographer in Dresden. From 2007 to 2012 she studies Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography at the Inter University Center for Dance , Berlin ( HZT ) and before that Applied Cultural Studies at the University of Lüneburg. Her own and collaborative choreographic works are presented nationally and internationally. HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts is an important coope-ration partner and workplace in Dresden. Anna Till takes part in „SHIFTING REALITIES“, an artistic exchange between german and african choreographers organized by HELLERAU Dresden, tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf and École des Sables (SEN). 2015 she is choreographer in residence in Kosice (SVK) invited by the Goethe Institut Bratislava. This year Till is part of the new production of „Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft“ as a dancer at Kampnagel Hamburg. Since 2011 she is actively working on the platform for Dresden dance professionals, TanzNetz Dresden.