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Dance NEWs 

New productions, not just from the European scene, showing off promising new talents will be presented at special evenings.


GN | MC  Guy Nader | Maria Campos (ES): TIME TAKES THE TIME TIME TAKES 

Can you seize time? Can you capture its passing, its infiniteness, its dynamism? A dance contemplation by a Lebanese-Spanish duo of choreographers discovers time in rhythmic loops, repeats and the pendulum of movement, and gradually escalates from a closed endless circle into a personification of perpetual motion. Time flows with movement, movement with time.



Carmen Fumero & Miquel Ballabriga (ES): ...Eran Casi Las Dos  

A physical conversation from the hope of love to the tragedy of human relations. A 15-minute dance story about unfulfilled expectations. Hope for understanding and communion disrupt the different approaches of two individuals as well as selfishness and malice, in short, all the known diseases leading to loneliness. And it almost worked out…



Kubuk Danza / David Guerra (ES): Outline

A duet of Spanish artists reduces the body to an architectural element, which in paired constellation loses its axis and therefore safe vertical. The demanding and precise dynamics of their joint movement are anchored in the solid support of one body on another, in maximum concentration and mutual trust. At first glance the formal geometric concept induces profound theme of inner harmony, mutual trust, support and communion. Two human beings – each cannot exist without the other. The precisely calculated choreography, in which every centimetre counts, is the antithesis of improvisational dance projects. 

Video here