Toto je testovací zpráva


Israel – a land bathed in sun. Amazing people living in the midst of conflict, yet still so deeply human. Everyone a separate individual, each with a sense of belonging. "In-side-out" ... something like an inwardly profound feeling opening outwards. Space for one's own emotions, self-realization, improvisation. This and much else besides is brought and offered by Emanuel Gat. The perfect harmony of his dancers with the musician is no accident; even Awir Leon danced. His symbiosis with the performers is perfect. It's a danced concert – the body's unsustainable energy depending on the impulses of rhythm, music, sound, voice. Freedom of expression, a metaphor of human relationships that leaves many questions unanswered. That's life.

Emanuel Gat is one of the most sought after figures in today's world dance scene. After working with Liat Dror/Nir Ben Gal, he founded his own ensemble in Israel (2004) and immediately won the Bessy Award, among others for his original version of The Rite of Spring. He gradually gained strong support in France and became an "associate artist" of Montpellier Danse. Thanks to this cooperation, the SUNNY project was created, granting exceptional freedom of creativity to all performers. The dancers participated not only in the creation of the choreography, but also of original costumes. Awir Leon had a career as a dancer, not only music, and is an equal performer in this piece. A French musician, songwriter, performer and producer living in Amsterdam, whose alternative electronic music addresses generations young and old. His inspiration for SUNNY is the "Prince of Soul" Marvin Gaye.