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Uri Shafir (IL): Somewhere in The Now

Somewhere In The Now is a performance for two dancers and one video artist. Is what happens in a live performance really live? What is real and what is not? Three men and eight television screens move around the stage to music by Ennio Morricone and create a new space, a landscape that permits observation both from outside and from within at the same time.

What is happening right now, in this moment? What does the here and now actually mean? These are questions which each spectator must answer by themselves. The talented creator of the performance is a certified Gaga teacher, a former member of Ohad Naharin's Batsheva Ensemble and a collaborator with Yasmeen Godder, amongothers, who is now making a name for himself with his own works.

This piece was supported by "Störung/Hafraa" – a collaborative project between Yasmeen Godder Studio and Theater Freiburg, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

The performance is in English.

There will be a short break after the first performance. 


La Imperfecta/Alberto Alonso (ES): SOBRELAJUVENTUD 

A dance piece about decision, be together, to hold and the conflict with the limits.

The work was created as part of a workshop with Guillermo Weickert entitled "Jump into the Void" or how to choose your position in the creative process. Alberto Alonso chose to further develop the method, immersing himself with other dancers in an exploration of patterns and all of their possibilities. They started a game. Each game has its own rules. In this performance, these patterns are formed, as well as the combinations that can arise between them. They created a spatial structure that varies depending on who sets the direction.

A work on group listening and the joy of making decisions. It works with repetition and running. As the dancers overcome the limits of their physical and mental state they can bring themselves to a vulnerable place full of emotions, without any burden. It's about running, running as a movement, together, with each other, together, separately, like a jump into the void. No problem to overcome fatigue and keep running. 



Uri Shafir (IL)

Uri Shafir (1983) is a choreographer and a performance artist. Graduate of MASPA (kibbutz Ga'aton dance workshop). As a dancer, worked in Ensemble Batsheva dance company, and in dance works by Yasmeen Godder, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Dana Ruttenberg, Maya Levy, Guy Gutman, Dafi Eltabeb and others. Creating independent works since 2009, and has presented them in different platforms such as Curtain Up, Hazira, Macholohet, Intimadance (Israel), L1DanceFest (Hungary), APAP (USA) and more.

Uri is a Gaga teacher (Ohad Naharin's movement language), and teaches Gaga workshops across the world.

Alberto Alonso (ES)

Alberto Alonso was born in Madrid and studied scenic art at the William Layton Laboratory. At the same time, he attended contemporary dance lessons with various teachers and extended his studies with the Plan de Formación Profesional in Dance at the Estudio de Carmen Senra. In 2016 he went to Brussels to study PARTS. He is involved in projects as a dancer, performer and creator, exploring the world of movement and new scenic practices. He founded the Laimperfecta ensemble with Clara Pampyn in 2016.