Toto je testovací zpráva

Kateřina Dietzová (CZ)


The workshop is lead by Kateřina Dietzová, live music by Petr Vrba.

This is a workshop about being alone on stage without pre-prepared material, a limited amount of time and an audience sitting in front of you. What are the possible sources of inspiration for a performance created at the spur of the moment? How does the performance come into existence? What does the performer draw upon? How does he or she live each moment of the performance and collaborate with other elements besides his or her situation and body, such as music, silence, partner, space and text?


Movement and dance: Kateřina Dietzová

Musical accompaniment: Petr Vrba

Requirements for dancers: any active experience / interest in dance



Kateřina Dietzová

Kateřina Dietzová studied dance and choreography at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague and the SNDO in Amsterdam as part of an exchange program. Now she works mainly as a dancer and performer in various projects in the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic (for Giulia Muredda, Tabeu Martin, Sumako Koseki, Bára Látalová, Zdenka Svíteková and others). She focuses on stage improvisation and self-production (Two Particles Hit Me in One Heartbeat, Analog). She is one of the founding members of CreWcollective, under whose name the improvisational interdisciplinary projects Moving Orchestra, ARTHUUR, Open Sunday and others were created.