Toto je testovací zpráva


The open air project Of Riders & Running Horses by British company Still House is a refreshing and riveting experience, a ritual full of movement and music. This seductive cocktail of fun, amazing dance, live music and the charms of nightfall is a collective adventure. The music by renowned musicians and composers Sam Halmarack and Luke Harney is a deeply connected and innovative blend of dance styles, which we can call modern folklore – a random concoction of jumpstyle, free step and house. But you don't have to know the steps – the author of the project, Dan Canham, is more interested in raising social awareness and sharing sensations that you will want to experience to the fullest! 

Dan Canham founded Still House in order to realize his poetic vision in the form of dance theatre, film and visual arts installations. The company consists of artists from the areas of dance, theatre, music, film and visual arts disciplines. Their cooperation leads to the creation of innovative and multi-genre projects that are always based on real events, stories and experiences. Thus the work of Still House, as imaginative as it is, is deeply connected with the real human condition. It is compelling and emotionally gripping.   

We play in any weather!