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João Paulo Gross (BR):O CRIVO

Sertão is one of the poorest and driest regions in the heart of Brazil. Despite or perhaps because of this it provides powerful inspiration and compels artists to probe deep into the human soul. Prominent Brazilian intellectual and writer João Guimaraes Rosa has written stories about it, particularly "The First Stories", which provide the foundation for Gross's duet O CRIVO (Riddle).

The wild voice of Nature resounds in the movements of the creator in perfect symbiosis with the second man on the stage. Everyone walks his own story, seeking solitude to lead a dialogue with himself. How else can we truly be who we are and achieve coexistence in all the unrest in the world today? Ser-tão is also a Portuguese pun meaning "to be so much."



João Paulo Gross is a Brazilian dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. He studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and later at the Angel Vianna School and also obtained a Pilates certificate. He has worked with a number of different choreographers and has been immersed in movement research and choreography since 2006. He also gained experience in contemporary dance from Deborah Colker (Centro de Movimento / Rio de Janeiro) and began to teach motion techniques, later becoming a professor. He focuses on: Script and Improvisations, Contacts and Supports, Choreographic Stage (script, assembly, interpretation).

So far his greatest success has been his duet O CRIVO (Riddle) in 2015, which received several awards and invitations to festivals. Since 2010 he has been part of a dance group in the Brazilian state of Goiás: Quasar Cia. de Dança/GO, where he is both a performer and teacher of contemporary dance.