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ME-SA /BOD.Y / Renan Martins de Oliviera: Let Me Die in My Footsteps

In Let Me Die in My Footsteps four dancers embody crisis as a starting point in an ambiguous journey of conflict and resolution. The soundscape created by Gasper Piano offers a subtle sense of nostalgia and contrasts with the dancers’ strenuous physicality. In his new work, Renan Martins de Oliveira has created a pure dance piece where the movement is generated from the necessity of being together, even in times of clear adversity.


Kubuk Danza / David Guerra (ES): Outline

A duet of Spanish artists reduces the body to an architectural element, which in paired constellation loses its axis and therefore safe vertical. The demanding and precise dynamics of their joint movement are anchored in the solid support of one body on another, in maximum concentration and mutual trust. At first glance, the formal geometric concept evokes a profound theme of inner harmony and communion.