Toto je testovací zpráva


Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea of the well-known international group Rootlessroot Comp., in their new project place contemporary Europe on a rickety vessel in the middle of a storm with the question: Is what is worth living for worth dying for? In a large stage composition they look for answers to the fundamental questions of existence in an uncompromisingly physical way, symbolically and yet unyieldingly in the flesh. 

European values – democratic maturity and humanism for several months now has been tested by the stream of refugees on rickety vessels in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. This situation has affected the authors of the Europium project when exploring the theme of "Western culture, Western world". Myths, history, education, culture – all those proud pillars of the values ​​of European civilization now shudder under the burden of the new reality.

Disscussion with artists after the show 2. 6. Moderated by Veronika Štefanová.

Performances will be held in cooperation with Jatka78.


"Brilliant aesthetically, with great dancers and performers on stage, that go beyond dancing, ‘Europium’ combines dynamic choreography with symbolism and images that bring with them the bitter and ridiculous evolution of a world that comes to an end.
What we see is the abduction of Europe and her true unclothing
without biting words." 
(Kiki Papadopoulou,