Toto je testovací zpráva


Tango is a dance and musical style originating in Argentina and Uruguay which lives far beyond just Buenos Aires. The dancers of Studio 12 will guide you through its passionate steps accompanied by professional musicians. Admire the skill of experts while also learning from them and joining them for a dance at this outdoor event. Tango will enchant you with its spell.


Jörg Palm (D) and Lucia Kubasova (SK)
New and NEO Tango dancing couple.
This professional Tango couple is very creative and has a unique style.
She is also professional and international Zouk dancer with work from Australia to New York.
Jörg is owner of Studio12 in Zizkov ( and with him, Lucia studied the last years Tango in Prague and Buenos Aires.
All of their shows are creations and Improvisations on the spot, they never dance choreography.