Toto je testovací zpráva


The Dance and Camera workshop is an inseparable part of the Dance Film Festival biennale. It is intended for young filmmakers – students of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and dancers and choreographers.

The Dance Film Festival's ambition to stimulate the development of Czech production in the dance for camera genre has brought undeniable results over the past years. Czech dance films shot through the Dance and Camera workshop appear at foreign festivals, help to promote Czech dance abroad and profile the work of young dancers and filmmakers. For example, young director Kristýna Bartošová won first prize for her dance film Insomnia at the ScreenMotion Festival in London in 2015 (she also won the Pavel Koutecký Award for documentary work). The film Beating by Kari Šulc and Tereza Hradilková was presented at the Choreoscope Festival in Barcelona. And last year a presentation of Czech dance for camera was also held in New York.

In recent years the workshops have been led by some of the biggest names in the dance for camera genre – Daniel Conrad (Canada), David Hinton (Great Britain) and Clara van Gool (the Netherlands).

At this year's workshop, director David Hinton, a prominent representative of the dance for camera genre and an experienced teacher in the area, returned to the mentor chair. In April 2017, five creative teams filmed new dance films under David's guidance. Preparation, shooting and postproduction in one week, all under time pressure. You will see three of these new films!


Kaspar – dir./chor. Kateřina Stupecká, 2011, 5'

Angels Unbound – dir. Jakub Jahn, chor. Bára Látalová, 2013, 6'

Beating – dir. Kari Šulc, chor. Tereza Hradilková, 2013, 6'

Insomnia – dir. Kristýna Bartošová, chor. Jana Vrána, 2015, 5'

Zone – dir. Norika Sefa, chor. Šárka Bočková, 2015, 3'

The Process – dir. Johana Švarcová, chor. Dora Sulženko Hoštová, 2015, 10'

Cycles – dir. Veronika Vaculíková and Janek Chajewski, chor. Veronika Vaculíková, 2017, 4'

He for she – dir. Petr Salaba, chor. Štěpán Pechar and Morgane Lanoue, 2017, 9'

Take one – dir. Rhea Sharabaty, chor. Sabina Škodová, 2017, 4'