Toto je testovací zpráva


Contemporary & Partnering Workshop led by Los INnato,
Mark Fonseca and Raúl Martínez

The workshop focusing on contemporary and partnering techniques has two parts. The first focuses on the earth–air relationship. Using simple models composed of breath, speed and deceleration of the flow of energy through the body, the relationship between the centre and the joints is actuated, effectively connecting inner and outer space.

The second part focuses on the basic principles of partnering, such as mutual trust, work with weight, instinctive perception, conscience, and the roles of the leader and follower.

Workshop participants will practise elements that are part of the work of Los INnato and will be able to create their own movement material in a predetermined framework.

The aim of the workshop is to awaken in each participant their own deep instincts and natural movement, to develop trust in the group and build a sense of security in demanding shared activities.