TANEC PRAHA FOR STUDENTS will this year be devoted to William Forsythe and will offer a unique perspective through the eyes of exceptional dancer Jone San Martin.




20. 6. | 20:00 | PONEC – dance venue
Jone San Martin / Josh Johnson / William Forsythe  (DE/ES): Legítimo /Rezo

Everything you wanted to know about the mysteries of modern choreography is illustrated by Jone San Martin, a long-time collaborator of choreographic legend William Forsythe. The distinctive and attractive lecture invites you to visit the creative privacy of one of the greatest contemporary choreographic legends. Then, in her original solo and dance conversation with charismatic American dancer Josh Johnson, Jone demonstrates the uniqueness and universalism of Forsyth's physical aesthetics and philosophy.

English speaking.



21. 6. | 10:30–14:00  | PONEC – divadlo pro tanec
Jone San Martin / Josh Johnson  (DE/ES/USA): Forsythe's improvisation technologies

The Forsythe technologies have been developed by William Forsythe together with the members /dancers of the Ballett Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company. Those technologies are meant to be used by the dancers as tools that will awaken the consciousness of the dancers as they are working with improvisation in the studio or on stage. Those tools are meant to help the dancer to create and organize his own criteria and movement paths. 
English speaking with the possibility of the Czech translation.
Tickets to workshop:
Ticket from performance Legítimo/Rezo
Limited capacity. Reservations required by email at jitka.hradilkova@tanecpraha.eu